Offering Competitive Prices for Your Scrap Metal

If you need a trusted metal recycling business, Resource Recovery Solutions is the company to call. We have been in the scrap metal business for over 20 years, and serving clients from Virginia down to Florida we understand what it takes to move your waste stream profitably allowing you the concentrate on your core business. We are reputable scrap metal buyers that pay high prices as well as provide first-rate customer service. Our Company offers free proposals and evaluations for scrap processing, feel free to contact us for more information.




Free consultations are offered to help you get the answers you need before you spend a dime. Recover your scrap metal value by utilizing our process evaluation and scrap analyzing abilities, allowing you the opportunity to segregate your material and receive top dollar for it.



We will help design a program for our clients that will maximize the value of their scrap. We will provide on or off site labor for sorting and handling, as well as meet any other logistical needs such as: roll offs, flatbed trailers, van trailers, and special permitted loans.