Warehousing and Rigging



Warehouse Needs

We are happy to provide our customers with warehousing space. With several warehouse facilities spread throughout North Carolina and surrounding areas, we are sure to have a facility that you can rent out for your storage needs. We work with our customers to tailor a price per foot or price per piece pay structure to support your needs.


Warehouse Services

Along with warehouse rental, we also provide plenty of warehouse services such as: banding, collating, consolidation, crane and forklift services, kit assembly, millwrighting, packing and crating, repackaging, repairing and refurbishing, secondary packaging, shipping, and much more!



We also offer an array of rigging services to our customers. Among the several services we provide, just a few include setup of new equipment, moving your process equipment for a new product line or to a different location, transporting machines from one location to another, preparing machines for transportation, arranging transportation for machines, and logistical scheduling to meet your needs to get you back to normal production schedule.